A BigFamily Inc. was birthed out of the heart of a founder who experienced and witnessed the suffering of his family and friends in rural Zimbabwe. Many rural schools in Zimbabwe are very limited in what they can achieve due to the lack of funds, equipment and books. The students are not adequately equipped to compete with their peers in the urban areas without even mentioning the disparities with other countries around the world. These marginalised communities are under-developed and hardly have any financial assistance.

The standard of reading, writing and spoken English is very low compared to academic performance in Private Schools or even public schools in urban areas. Rural schools and communities cannot afford after school programs, libraries, or any targeted learning programs to harness talents of gifted students. There is a lack of science laboratories, art facilities or even music studios; hindering access and dissemination of a diverse range of subjects to the students. The greatest danger with this status quo is having generations of people getting left behind, without access to technology. Therefore, the only way to reach this population is to go into these communities to work with these disenfranchised schools to empower students through our programs geared to teach about leadership, while offering financial and resources support.


A BigFamily Inc's mission is to advocate for families in Africa by establishing a conducive environment for children to flourish, harness creativity and freely express themselves; raising a generation that will impact the world in a mighty and positive way.

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