Our History
A BigFamily Inc. was birthed out of the heart of a founder who experienced and witnessed the suffering of his family and friends in rural Zimbabwe. Many rural schools in Zimbabwe are very limited in what they can achieve due to the lack of funds, equipment and books.   Read Full Details >>

A BigFamily Inc's mission is to advocate for families in Africa by establishing a conducive environment for children to flourish, harness creativity and freely express themselves; raising a generation that will impact the world in a mighty and positive way.

We believe that every child has the right to quality education, which would be made possible through having adequate classroom space, electricity, computers, textbooks, stationery and library facilities. Our vision is to eventually be in a position to provide these aforementioned resources to the majority of Zimbabwe's children in rural schools.

Values and Beliefs
We believe that the wellness of a family is the foundation for a wholesome community. The strength of a family unit lies in the sense of belonging that creates an enlightenment that enables us to accept our differences as we work towards a common goal and honoring our values. Everyone who is a part of A Bigfamily has the same vision to alleviate the suffering experienced by others.

"Our goal is to create social networks for children in Southern Africa, in order to improve their intellectual, physical, and spiritual well being by carrying out different projects to enhance their value for life."

Our Supporters



A BigFamily Inc. could not have made it this far without all of you extending your hand to help us. Because of you, all the children some of whom have never seen a computer are now able to operate one, some of whom could not afford pens can now own one and some of whom who enjoy soccer can now take their passion a step further with the uniforms and soccer equipment provided to them through your efforts. You stepped up when we needed you the most and you showed us what it means to be 'a family'. We at A BigFamily Inc. want to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have done and all you will do, but most of all we want to thank you for BELIEVING IN US

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