Current A BigFamily Inc Projects
A Bigfamily Inc. is dedicated to helping children in remote areas of the world to optimize their potential by bridging the gap and making resources available to them that have been beyond their reach. In an effort to raise a brighter generation, we have specific programs that seek to provide resources for better education such as books, stationery, technical support projects, and emotional support.

Computer Programme

We donate used computers to rural schools, this could potentially increase the pass rates and give these marginalized children a chance to make it. Read more

Zaka Soccer Tournament

Sports provide a fantastic opportunity to get communities together, to touch the hearts of many people irrespective of social status. In an attempt to raise awareness of the issues affecting schools in marginalised communities, A Big Family Inc. currently provides logistical and financial support to an annual soccer tournament in District of Zaka in the Masvingo Province of Zimbabwe. Read more


The Pen Pal project is geared towards broadening the horizons of children across continents. This will be an opportunity for both parties to exchange cultures, curb curiosity and answer questions, and let children be children without the barriers of their social status. We have structured the Pen Pal Project to be both fun and educational. Correspondence will be conducted in a supervised class setting as part of the children's writing skills. The kids are having fun!


Future Projects

The Alternative Energy Project
Our challenge is the lack of electricity in rural areas. It is impossibe for children to use donated computers in their possession right now without power. Villages can also benefit from a supply of cooking solar panel which will in turn reduce deforestation. Our goal is to be able to provide an alternative source of energy by purchasing solar panels to provide ready energy source to use in schools.

Rebuilding the Bridge in Chilonga
This is a project that is close to our hearts and one day we will do it.

Our Supporters



A BigFamily Inc. could not have made it this far without all of you extending your hand to help us. Because of you, all the children some of whom have never seen a computer are now able to operate one, some of whom could not afford pens can now own one and some of whom who enjoy soccer can now take their passion a step further with the uniforms and soccer equipment provided to them through your efforts. You stepped up when we needed you the most and you showed us what it means to be 'a family'. We at A BigFamily Inc. want to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have done and all you will do, but most of all we want to thank you for BELIEVING IN US

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